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September 5th 2011

Saturday September 3rd, we received the Thicket newsletter (finally). In there, there was an announcement that the next Board of Director meetings was to be held on September 13th 2011
(due to the labor holiday on the 5th) It also stated that "friends" are welcome to attend the meeting as well
. The interesting event happened Saturday morning when the HOA Board of
Directors, under the President's approval (since he must approve all correspondence) sent out the email below to a distribution list that not every resident receives, in fact, we were added only
one month ago and I am not even sure what the complete list is, since I do not have access to it. In any case, the email basically state, as you'll read that the "standard" monthly meeting is
to be held on labor day!

How many people do you think will be able to attend today's meeting? Some of our friends in the Thicket did not even know of the change of meeting date. Many residents made plans
for the long 3 day weekend (and usually go out of town on Labor Day Weekend, to the lake etc ...)!

What prompted this change? Why is the HOA acting this way? How can this be allowed? I guess we will find out today at 6:30pm CST on Labor Day weekend, as we will certainly go to it
and not only participate but record the whole meeting (which as per Paragraph 209 of the Homeowners Association Code, and, Texas law, and, our Lawyer, we are fully entitled to do with
or without the Board of Directors consent.

For now, have a read of the email we received 2 days ago announcing the meeting for today. We are sorry for this late "BLOG" but unfortunately we need to be able to attend these meetings
and do not want the Board to cancel them yet again as they did the last time, after we announced that the Media and our supporters were going to be present.

From the Board of the Neighborhood Association:

We will be having our regular September board meeting this Monday Sept. 5th beginning at 630pm at the clubhouse.  As the entire Board as well as Community Asset Management are under a gag order regarding the deed restriction violation concerning the pig, there will be no discussion on this subject.  Meeting is open to Thicket Residents only and no media will be allowed on the property.  All other homeowner input will be welcome. If you plan on coming to discuss the pig issue, please save your time as it will not be part of the agenda. Thank you.

NOTE: As of Saturday afternoon, after contacting our lawyer, we found out that there was no gag order issued by any Court Judge that he was aware of, which
makes perfect sense since this case has not yet gone to court, and only a Judge can issue a gag order ... Interesting choice of words used by the President,
don't you think?

Anyway, since all other homeowner inputs will be allowed, we've prepared a good set of questions and hope to be given the opportunity to ask them ...


September 4th 2011

    I was reading wikipedia on Homeowners Associations Board Misconduct and came across to these paragraphs which I would like to share with you...

"It is obvious from the complaints [to DCA] that that [home]owners did not realize the extent association rules could govern their lives."

"Curiously, with rare exceptions, when the State has notified boards of minimal association legal obligation to owners, they dispute compliance. In a disturbing number of instances, those owners with board positions use their influence to punish other owners with whom they disagree. The complete absence of even minimally required standards, training or even orientations for those sitting on boards and the lack of independent oversight is readily apparent in the way boards exercise control"

Overwhelmingly ... the frustrations posed by the duplicative complainants or by the complainantsí misunderstandings are dwarfed by the pictures they reveal of the undemocratic life faced by owners in many associations. Letters routinely express a frustration and outrage easily explainable by the inability to secure the attention of boards or property managers, to acknowledge no less address their complaints.

"Perhaps most alarming is the revelation that boards, or board presidents desirous of acting contrary to law, their governing documents or to fundamental democratic principles, are unstoppable without extreme owner effort and often costly litigation"

August 31st 2011

We would like to express our gratitude to all the Media for the interest in this case and for attending yesterday's press release. We truly appreciate your dedication, coverage and support which you've demonstrated from the very beginning (click on Media Coverage above to view Wilbur's videos and interviews).

You can now read previous blog entries by clicking on the Older BLOG Entries icon above, or watch Wilbur's previously recorded feeding times (updated daily)

August 22nd 2011 - 11:00am

Thank you WOAI, San Antonio Living for supporting Wilbur's fight and right to stay with his family.


August 19th 2011 - 15:00pm

As I am going through all the wealth of documentation and papers which we have collected (with your help) to prepare for Wilbur's support case, I am remembering my initial (and only) meeting with the HOA I had back in July - (remember the HOA cancelled all meetings since then until further notice)... I recall addressing the President Mr. Cronin and the entire Board at that meeting explaining that Wilbur is classified by the USDA as a PET and not livestock, I also showed that I had collected 60 signature in less than one day from supporting residents, to which Mr. Cronin replied that he will forward my information and the supporting signatures to the "Management Company" to which I replied, "am I just wasting my and your time talking to you? I thought this is where I was supposed to plead my case (I received a letter from the HOA asking me to come to this meeting, to plead my case - the letter was sent to me two days earlier)".   Reflecting back to all that has happened, I can't help but wonder if the HOA has lost control of our subdivision and that Community Asset Management (the management company hired by the HOA Board) is actually running and managing The Thicket subdivision. I hope I am wrong, as neither myself or other residents would be very impressed to find out that is the truth.


August 19th 2011 - 11:00am

Many of you asked to receive Wilbur's "signature", so we decided to do a hooves print day tomorrow Saturday 20th and we will then send a copy of his hooves as iron-on prints (which you can iron on any T-shirt) to all that made a donation, have already received or is going to receive one of Wilbur's T-Shirt (see below). If you live in The Thicket or close by (or don't mind catching a flight) you're welcome to come by our house at around 2pm and see Wilbur signing autographs :) ... We will reposition the webcam so that the ones that are not able to swing by can still join in and interact with us through the online chat below.

If you can, please help Wilbur by making a donation.

By helping Wilbur's Legal Fund with a $20.00 donation, you will receive one of the above T-Shirts in any size, free.
Specify design number and size (CS,CM,CL,AS,AM,AL,XL,2XL,3XL) in the comments field during checkout. Thank you.

Thank you for all that you did to help us
Our one year battle would have been unbearable if it wasn't
for all of you and your support. We're forever thankful.

August 18th 2011 - 3:00pm

What do the Thicket residents say?

Some of them wrote to to us:

"We have neighbors cats coming in my yard making all kind of noises and smelly messes, dog barking their head off all around us and your concern is about a potbellied pig that doesn't make any noise and doesn't smell. Just use common sense! - Keep up the fight Missy, we are with you"

"It's impossible for me to agree or disagree to this survey, it's so biased.. I do not know what I am voting for"

"It is unanimous in my house Wilbur pose no threat and clearly belongs to a responsible, loving family. My heart goes out to you, Missy and your family during these proceedings. I wish you victory!"

"I will talk with my street and explain the survey now that I met you, I can see what is going on - I can't believe the HOA is spending our money on this issue!"

Others come and see Wilbur with their children. Some of them with foot injuries came in person to see us and offer their sympathy, others calls us on the phone frequently to check on us.

It is hard not to be touched by the kind of unity that is developing in The Thicket. We thank all of you for understanding, and hope that with your help, the HOA can stop the law suit threats plus the $200.00/day fines from happening and just let us be!

August 18th 2011 - 11:30am

I just received notifications from another (different) neighbor that the HOA's President yard has been in that state for YEARS! How hypocritical is that? Thank you to all of you which are now coming forward with your support and are voicing your HOA concerns. You should be able to speak your mind in your own subdivision and not be afraid of repercussion. Last time I checked, this is America and we have rights. I am sure that together we can call for a new HOA Board election and nominate a better, more proactive, humane group of HOA individuals to preserve the beauty of our neighborhood, pets and public facilities for our children.

August 18th 2011 - 08:00am

Here it its, Wilbur's in the news. A great segment from our friends at CW39. What do you think? Is it fair what Wilbur and our family has been put through? Wilbur's Facebook page is at www.facebook.com/WilburSardo.

To the young lady in the video, our dear supporting neighbor, we would like to extend an open-line (you have our phone number) and ask her to call us immediately, should she receive any letters or threat from the HOA for stating the truth on camera. I am sure CW39 will be glad to make that letter public.


August 17th 2011 - 11:00pm

As of 11:00pm, the videos is still not up - I presume it will be posted in the morning... I was amazed how Wilbur's Way went from 9th to 1st most viewed/shared story within 4 hours of broadcasting, overtaking stories that held #1 for the last few weeks. Thank you all for following and helping us out.


August 17th 2011 - 05:00pm

As we wait for the online video link from CW39, we would like to share This Summary (TAKE THE QUIZ). As some of you said, three of the four houses in the summary are "out of a magazine" but one of them is ... O M G !!!

August 17th 2011 - 10:23am

As we say hello to our neighbor which so diligently is following our website and Facebook postings (we appreciate your interest), we would like to share the following proverb of wisdom inspired by recent events...

               Modern Wilbur Proverb:

                               "The oinking of one pig is usually drowned out by the whining of one neighbor" - Wilbur

August 16th 2011 - 12:28pm

We've just been contacted by CW39 News (KIAH) Houston, telling us that some big bosses are coming down to the station today to review the story and help Wilbur win this injustice. We do not know the details, but we do know that the segment will not Air today, but tomorrow, Wednesday August 17th. We apologize about this however this seem to be an even bigger segment that we initially had thought. Please tune into CW39 tomorrow at 5pm. Come back here often for confirmation as we will be updating this blog throughout the day.

On a different subject, we have received a few letters from some very special supporters. We are awaiting for permission to publish them here and would like for all of Wilbur supporters, and non supporters, even the few that take joy throwing insults at us, hiding behind fake names or what they believe to be an untraceable cell phone IP addresses, or simply "survey confused" residents demanding clarification, to come back here often to see how this little precious creature, and our fight with the HOA to prevent them from tearing our family apart,  has inspired so many others. No one should have the right to take your beloved pet away, especially when he does not bother anyone!

August 15th 2011 - 17:25pm

Today CW39 Houston came by to film a segment/update on the latest developments with Wilbur's situation. We would like to thank CW39 for taking the time to come to visit and broadcasting an impartial take on what we're going through right now, using their innovative NewsFix segment. I would like to ask you to please tune in to CW39 News Houston, tomorrow August 16th at 5:00pm. If you are one of the many followers that live outside Houston, don't worry, we will post the link to the recorded segment here on www.wilbursardo.com and on Facebook as soon as CW39 makes it available. Additionally, we will have an online "summary" which will be published immediately after the news.

Thank again for all of your support and thank you for fighting with us for what is right. Wilbur and us are eternally grateful for all of your donations (if you can donate, please help if you can by going to www.wilbursardo.com and clicking on the Donate button and get a free T-shirt while you're there) and all the help you are providing us with legal advice and moral/phone support. I would also like to particularly thank all of our supporting neighbors which took the time and came to see us in the last few days, offering their support. We extend the welcome to any Thicket resident that wishes to meet Wilbur and would like to see for themselves how wonderful he really is.

August 14th 2011 - 15:40pm

On July 22nd, we requested a copy of the initial HOA meeting minutes which, according to Article VIII, Section 8.01 of the bylaws we are entitled to have. The request was sent certified to all 4 members of the board. Three (3) of the members refused to accept the certified letter and/or pick it up as per USPS online records. But one member did sign for it. Almost thirty (30) days have now passed and we still did not receive any reply (or a copy of the minutes).

August 12th 2011 - 15:40pm

Yesterday we received the following letter from the HOA lawyer, instructing us that a law suit may be filed including fines unless we remove Wilbur from our premises. Failure to pay any fines may result in foreclosing our home (see HOAs precedents).


Today we also received a copy of a "survey" that the HOA sent out to all owners in the Thicket. Note how they do not ask if potbelly pigs are to be allowed but they ask if potbelly pigs and ANY other animal can be allowed. Very misleading for the voter, don't you think? After all, who wants to be next to a poisoned snake home ?? This is a very biased, unfair poll in our opinion. See the letter for yourself hereunder. Oh, and no, we did not know this was going to take place either ... We are as surprised as you are.



We've been advised that the only way at this point for us to continue the fight to save Wilbur is to continue with the lawsuit and take the case in front of a judge to get a favorable ruling. Our attorney said that the cost of a lawsuit will cost about $5,000-$10,000. If the case is won, we can ask for cost recovery, however if the ruling is against Wilbur, we may be asked to cover the HOA costs.

Right now, the only way we can proceed is with some financial support. Since Wilbur has touched many families across America, we're asking you to help us fight until the end. Please donate if you can, and help us raise as much capital as we can so that we can afford the best possible representation and stop the HOA from bossing people around.

We have 3 weeks to make a decision to proceed with the law suit or to Find Wilbur a new home. I truly hope that with your help, we can fight until the end for Wilbur and for our family.

Finally, we would like to conclude saying that Wilbur is fully vaccinated and has regular veterinary visits. He is neutered and lives inside our home. He weights 60 pounds and is classified as a miniature potbellied pig. He does not carry any disease and is extremely friendly (many of our neighbors bring their children over to play with him). Contrary to what the HOA would make you believe, he is not livestock, he has been our pet since last year and is extremely quiet.

Not fighting for Wilbur will set a precedent for the HOA and give them even more power against any Thicket resident and who know what they will do next to whom. Will they remove your dog because is too big? They could (read the deed). Will they remove your cat because he ran out in the front yard? (they could) -- the current deed allows them to choose what pet stays and what pet goes - it's so open that they can, at will select what pet goes based on any reason that they see fit ... One complaint, too loud, to tall, not the norm .. (note that "the norm" has not been defined in the deed) ... Is this right?

If you live in The Thicket and would like to meet Wilbur, please come and visit us any time - we're pretty much always at home. See for yourself the size and the kind of animal Wilbur is. Even if you do not own a pet, you will understand why we (and more than 4500 other online followers) love this quiet, loving creature.

Thank you for your support. Help us if you can by donating to Wilbur's Legal Fund here:

Thank you for all that you did to help us
Our one year battle would have been unbearable if it wasn't
for all of you and your support. We're forever thankful.

If this case is resolved quickly with minimal costs, the excess funds will be donated to a Potbelly Pig Rescue/Sanctuary.  We will publish the name(s) and amounts donated at that time.

If you want to contact the board of directors, their publicly available email addresses are as follows. Please carbon copy wilbursardo@gmail.com so that we can file it for Wilbur's lawyer.

Email addresses of the Board of Directors for The Thicket subdivision in Spring, Texas

Larry Cronin, President: lcronin2@comcast.net
Carol Daubner, Treasurer: carol_daubner@milestonehealth.com , Pat DaPra, Secretary: pdapra@comcast.net , Brenda Carmean, Secretary: brendacarmean@sbcglobal.net

The person handling this case at Community Asset Management: Laura Rhodes: lrhodes@communityassetmanagement.com

August 4th 2011 - 13:10pm

Since there seem to be many young people following Wilbur's story (we've received emails saying that a school for special needing children is now allowing their children to have breakfast in the morning watching Wilbur on webcam), we have now created a friendlier website where you will be able to see Wilbur live (in full screen) as well as many photos and videos. The website is under construction but you're welcome to go there and take a peek as it gets put together in the next few days. Thank you again for loving Wilbur. We love him very much too!

August 4th 2011 - 10:10pm

Wilbur is, as many of you know a miniature potbellied pig. It is classified as a pet by the department of agriculture. Many USA courts of law (you can read about similar cases on the internet), and veterinarians around the world also agree that it is a family pet.

Wilbur is not your typical large 300 pounds large farm animal that many of you eat for breakfast and that you find at the local butcher (nobody eats potbellied pigs, the same way that nobody eats dogs, as far as we know anyway).

Our HOA has mistakenly classified Wilbur as a farm animal because he is a pig. If we take that approach we are all guilty of owning of wild dogs (since they share the same name as our domesticated pets). All that we are asking (again) is that the HOA perform their research and see for themselves that potbellies pigs are domesticated animals.

We do not believe that we are violating any deed restrictions since there is no deed restriction for owning a potbellied pig pet (ours is the miniature kind). Our deed states that we can not keep farm animals or more than two of each domesticated animals per household.

Since Wilbur lives with us inside and goes in our backyard the same way our dog Dorey does (Wilbur is fully potty trained) and never ventures out on the front yard, we fail to understand how this is anyone's concern or business in the first place. 99.9% of our neighborhood never even heard of Wilbur before our neighbor complained to the HOA. To this date we still don't know fully of what the complaint was apart from what we heard from other friends of friends of friends - which is that Wilbur likes to 'root' in our backyard. Our neighbor instead of knocking on our door and discuss it with us, went straight to the HOA demanding to have Wilbur removed from our home. The HOA never contacted us either - they just sent us a letter saying that they received a neighbor complaint and that Wilbur has to go ... That's it ...

We love The Thicket, it is a great community. Many of our neighbors are closer to us now having met Wilbur for themselves with their children and think he's a great addition to the community. He is quiet, does not bother anyone, he's cute and sleep most of the day...

Finally, many of you asked if there is a public website for our subdivision. Yes there is one it can be found by a Google search (search for "thethicketsubdivision" or just click HERE. Feel free to read the publicly published monthly newsletter learn more about The Thicket.

August 3rd 2011 - 2:54pm

How about this email I just received?

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: HOA Meeting August 8, 2011
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2011 13:51:38 -0500
From: Laura Rhodes <lrhodes@communityassetmanagement.com>


Ms. Sardo,
The meeting scheduled for August 8, 2011 has been cancelled until further notice.  Once a new date for the meeting has been determined, I will notify you.
Laura L. Rhodes
Managing Agent
Community Asset Management
Laura L. Rhodes <lrhodes@communityassetmanagement.com>
Managing Agent
Community Asset Management


August 3rd 2011 - 09:00am

Visit Wilbur's new community page. Click on the "LIKE" button (he checks his new page every evening).

We have now confirmation of TV stations as well as many supporters coming to the next HOA meeting. I hope that with this amount of support and the extensive documentation we have gathered, the HOA will reconsider the livestock classification and allow Wilbur to stay home with his family where he belongs.

We've been working on this page to allow more people to see the webcam (trying different things). The result is that it will be slower to refresh, but it will allow more viewers - so we had to compromise ... The quality has improved dramatically too.
We will be adding all the YouTube videos and also as many pictures as we can in the next few days as to make this more complete.

July 31st 2011 - 5:00pm

NOTE: I just now received a reply from my email (sent last Friday) ... The next HOA meeting will be held the 8th of AUGUST at 6:30pm UNDETERMINED -- It has been cancelled (see above) ....

The Thicket clubhouse venue, where the meetings are held is located at 3308 Coltwood Dr, Spring TX 77388. See map below for the exact location.

July 31st 2011 - 9:50am

Thank you for all the letters and emails. I've added a particular letter from one of our supporter today that arrived last night and we thought we share it with you (see below).

July 29th 2011 - 10:00am

As we get closer to the last few days, the stress level is getting higher, but your continuous support and kind words is helping us getting through it all. Thank you again for keeping up daily and all of your advice. I can't believe that more than 4000 individuals have joined us in the last 3 weeks to help point out to the HOA what is already known by many. Potbellied Pigs are not farm animals, but domesticated PETs. They are bred for the sole purpose to be a PET due to their wonderful disposition. Our deed does not prohibit us to keep a potbellied pig - it only refers to farm animals. The HOA however, insists that Wilbur is a farm animal because he is a pig... Today we hired another Attorney to help us and are hopeful that his energetic attitude will help getting this case resolved and allow Wilbur to remain with us at home. I can not begin to thank you enough for your donations which helps tremendously with these costs.

July 26th 2011 - 11:54am

All of Wilbur's videos are now on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/user/WilburSardo?feature=mhee

July 26th 2011 - 8:50am

Today I've been interviewed on the R&R Show on KRBE 104.1. A podcast of the interview is available from KRBE's website here or from our server here. After listening to the podcast, my husband said that I should have made it very clear that this is a Vietnamese pot-belly pet pig and not a commercial farm pig - but I think it was mentioned in the interview by Ryan, so hopefully it was ok and people understood the difficult situation we're into right now because of one inconsiderate neighbor and the HOA misclassifying our pet ...

July 25th 2011 - 9:00am

My husband had an old webcam which he has now installed in our backyard so that you can take a look at Wilbur for yourself. It is not of very high quality but at this stage, we can't afford to purchase a new one (as we have legal fees coming up). Thank you again for helping us out. Look at Wilbur live here.

July 23rd 2011 - 9:54am

I've been told from the lawyer that a meeting has been setup for us and the HOA mid week. I have no idea what to expect, but I'll let you know the outcome.

July 22nd 2011 - 3:30pm

Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures (this one is from Zoe K.J.).

July 22nd 2011 - 8:15am

Yesterday evening, I tried to call (numerous times), all 4 members of the HOA board of directors to see what can be done to resolve this issue. Unfortunately, I received no answer, just answering machines ...

July 21st 2011 - 08:00am

Thank you NewsFix 39Online for letting people know about Wilbur.


July 20th 2011 - 20:44am

Thank you for the support emails on our behalf, I added more today to this page (see below).

July 19th 2011 - 10:00am

Was told we were going to have a meeting with the HOA today ... However it never happened - no call, nothing ...

July 18th 2011 - 11:30am

We have started an official online petition to collect as many signatures as possible. Thank you so much for the suggestions, advice and support. You can view and sign the petition here at www.change.org.

July 17th 2011 - 08:00am

Thank you again KHOU for running this story about Wilbur. We truly appreciate your support.

July 16th 2011 - 3:40pm

I can't believe this ...

The mailman just handed me the assigned letter. This one is dated July 14th (8 days after our last letter). It seems that what I was told at the meeting (about the 51% proxy voting rights) and also on the phone - meant absolutely nothing - as now they are reminding me that I have a few weeks to find Wilbur another home ...

Scanned letter received on the 16th here (PDF 400Kb) - Letter giving us about 3 weeks to find Wilbur's another home :(

Scanned original letter received on the 6th (PDF 460Kb) - Note the added word (pig) which does not appear in the original signed deed

Page of our deed pertaining to animals & pets (PDF 800Kb) - This is what we signed when we moved in our subdivision


Here is an email that one of our supporter sent to the Community Asset Management (CAM), together with CAM's response ...

Hi Wilbur & Family!

Here is the letter I sent on your behalf:

Dear Sirs:

Though I will not pretend to know the bylaws or interpretations of such bylaws for The Thicket, I only ask that you use true good judgment and compassion and not separate this domestic, pet pig from the only family he has ever known - the family that loves him dearly.

Thank you,
M.P. - Henryetta, OK 


And here is the reply I received that I told you about on Facebook:
We take our direction from the Board of Trustees.  We have no response.
Thank you,
Laura L. Rhodes
Managing Agent
Community Asset Management 



The "Board of Trustees" that Mrs. Rhodes refers to is the HOA. The HOA told me during the last HOA meeting (other home owners were present) that the decision rests with Community Asset Management and their lawyers. Yet, Mrs Rhodes, says above that they take the directions from the Board of Trustees ... I am totally confused ... Who is making the decisions?

We need your support - we have started a support fund to help us pay for legal fees, which, unfortunately will be coming up due to recent events.

Thank you for all that you did to help us
Our one year battle would have been unbearable if it wasn't
for all of you and your support. We're forever thankful.


July 15th 2011 - 4:00pm

Wilbur's Story
How one neighbor and the HOA is trying to break a family apart

Hello, my name is Missy and for as long as I can remember, I always loved pigs, I collected memorabilia at every occasions possible. Every year at Christmas time, I have been teased by my husband pretending to buy me a piglet since he knew how much I loved them. Last Christmas, I received the biggest, most unexpected present ever!

My very own potbelly pig, Wilbur!

From the first moment I saw him, I became instantly attached and so did my children. We play with him and so does our dog Dorey. Dorey and Wilbur chase each other in the backyard on occasions, in circles ... It is so funny to watch them play ...

In early April I received a letter from the HOA telling us that our neighbor complained about our pet Wilbur, they furthermore informed us that he was classified as livestock.  I replied to them in writing that he was not livestock, but a domesticated potbelly pig. I gave them more information about potbelly pigs and also included pictures of Wilbur bonding with our family.

From the very first day, we researched everything possible and imaginable about potbelly pigs and I never thought that he was in violation of any deed restrictions because everything I've ever read referred to potbelly pigs as pets with their own taxes etc (as most pets have)...

Time passed and I didn't hear anything back for about three months at which time (a week ago) I received a certified letter stating I had 30 days to find Wilbur another home or appeal to the Board of Directors for the HOA meeting two days later (they practically gave us just 2 days to prepare ourselves for, what was to be in my eyes, a major appeal).  Gathering as much information as I could, I did manage to talk at the HOA meeting as well have my children making t-shirts and protest signs (peaceful of course).

At the meeting, the HOA stated it was up to the "management company" as well as "the lawyers", basically passing the buck and not giving me any answers. One thing that the HOA did say is that I had to have 51% of my neighborhood agree to have Wilbur stay within our household (at the time I was somewhat relieved since I already had obtained about 30% of my neighborhood's signatures the day before).

About two days later, after numerous failed attempts to contact the HOA, I managed to speak to them on the phone and was told that the petition which needed to be signed by 51% of the resident was not something I could just do it on my own, door-to-door, but that it had to be a "proxy" type petition, it had to be sent out by the HOA to each individual home address, and then notarized for authenticity.

The same day, I emailed the HOA asking them to let me know if during this "preparation" time, my 30 days notice would be on hold and also how long would the "proxy / petition" process take. To date, I have not received a reply to either questions... All I know is that time is passing and I do not know what else to do ... We love Wilbur very much ...

Wilbur is taxed as my other pet dog. The department of agriculture does not consider pot belly pigs farm animals either.

Wilbur is "fixed" like my dog (in accordance to pet regulations). He is loved like my dog (well maybe a tiny little more as it's hard to look at him and not feel compelled to spoil him), he is not used for breeding, as a food source or for any labor ...

He is a loved member of our family and all of us love his companionship every day.

I truly appreciate you all for your support, kindness, and words of faith!




Join Wilbur's support page on Facebook and become his friend.
Watch some of his daily videos on

Wilbur's story in the media

Wilbur's WebCAM


Email addresses of the Board of Directors for The Thicket subdivision in Spring, Texas

Larry Cronin, President: lcronin2@comcast.net
Carol Daubner, Treasurer: carol_daubner@milestonehealth.com
Pat DaPra, Secretary: pdapra@comcast.net
Brenda Carmean, Secretary: brendacarmean@sbcglobal.net

The person handling this case at Community Asset Management:
Laura Rhodes: lrhodes@communityassetmanagement.com






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